flight 007 pt. 3

We’re pilot boyz, we fly different

We teamed up with friends to bring your “Flight 007 Pt. 3” which displays different forms of passions. To pilot your own plane to any destination imaginable. That is what we represent, to take your passion to the next level everyday to become who you want to be in life. The collection consist of t-shirts, strap backs, basketball shorts, tote bags, and pillows. Our Basketball shorts come with extra long drawstrings, embroidery patch, and hand sewn labels. We also released our first ever tote bag, good for your essentials or grocery shopping. The pillows we designed are also stylish, comfortable, and just the right size for traveling. This collection and much more is now available online.

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Models: @moon_sta.r




FLIGHT 007 PT. 2

Summer is here, so bring out the vintage pastel colors out

We present to you our latest collection "Flight 007 PTt. 2" which consist of our brightest colors yet. These were made to only get better over time, they will fade, distress, and hold on to your own memories. Pastel t-shirts, stripped shirts with full embroidery, and corduroy strap backs. These pieces should represent your youth, to have fun and enjoy the summer with family and friends. We teamed up with talented artist like photographer Jaren Higgins better know as "Jaay380Y", models the Higgins Twins Devin & Gabe, and Modern. In a studio photoshoot were the energy was just flowing with ideas. This collection and much more is now available online. 

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Photographer: @jaayfromthegram

Models: @mod8rn


"My name is Gabe and I like to create, always remember to Do U and you'll be fine"


Inspirational Conversations with Phonz_Official

Our Co-Founder MikeyyPNR had the pleasure to sit down with local artist Phonz to discuss the up bringing of the brand, his hobbies, music, and much  more. Check out the entire interview on Apple Music as well as his website with a lot more other content. Full visual interview coming soon.

"Passion never running out"


Capsule release & art show at Mission Skateboards

Join us this weekend January 20-21st from 1-6pm at 3045 24th St San Francisco, CA. We will be unveiling our latest collection "Flight 007 Pt.1" in very limited quantities. Our first ever cut & sew items, as well as new headwear garments. We teamed up with fellow artist Jose Felix Castro Jr., better known as @cassdroeee to bring you an interactive art show. He will have paintings, prints, and sketches for sale this weekend, with a few of his clothing pieces. Their will also be a live painting session between Cassdroeee x MikeyyPNR collaborating on an art piece, which will be raffled off for those who buy tickets this weekend. Come by, have a drink, say hi, and stay late for a second show "The Barrio No Se Vende" by Ozzy. A weekend filled with artist and creative people under the same roof. 


FlIGHT 006 ©2020

Pilot boyz have landed in Los Angeles

We teamed up with a Los Angeles artist Jaren Higgins better know as "Jaay380Y" he is an independent free lance photographer/videographer with a style like no other at a very young age. We spent the day creating downtown with fellow model Marco Anthony Gonzalez in our latest collection. College Logo Jogger Suits that come with a positive bandana to express yourself. Three creative minds mixed with ideas produced the following content. Flight 006 will be releasing to the public 7.21.17 at 11 AM PST online.

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Photographer: @Jaayfromthegram

Model: @Gonzo_12

The cortez experience

A space curated by Sean Wotherspoon

Fly with the Planes&Rockets Team as we had the pleasure of experiencing a nostalgic nike themed showroom curated by Sean Wotherspoon from Round Two Hollywood. It was filled with vintage Cortez's for sale, live DJ playing '90s classics, also custom air brushed t-shirts with purchase by @shirtkingphade. Exhibit will be open until the end of June at 7361 Melrose Ave.


Local Artist Black Rose On The Rise

We encourage everyone to follow their dreams, and do what they love. Supporting local artist is what grows our communities, we enjoy getting to know local artist. We recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Redwood City, CA artist Roman Sanchez, get to know him and follow his journey below.

Where did you grow up? - "I was born in Redwood City, CA. Raised in the heart of Marlborough Ave."

Growing up what artist did you listen to, and who inspired you? - "I strictly remember listening to Mac Dre since I was a young kid, also all the other Bay Area artist at that time. Also PAC, Biggie, Snoop, Dre, and all the West Side Legends."

Why do you do music? - "Simply, I enjoy it all. Every single thing about it, from creating a project from scratch to hopping on someones track. It's also a way for me to express myself, a way for me to have fun. It's my playground, my office, my get away!"

How long does it take you to record a whole song, how many days, and whats needed in your creative space? - "It's honestly different overtime to me. There's been headaches, laughs, and good times while recording in the studio. What I mean from headaches is you maybe don't like the way you sound on a beat or the way the verse turned out, the delivery or flow, and so many other reasons. When I say laughs in the studio it's when my folks stop by the lab to chill and just start cracking jokes and fooling around. I've done a song in 1hr, dropped a verse in 15 minutes to taking days and hours to finish a song. I usually don't mind when the homies are present but I don't smoke, drink, or put myself on any type of high when I'm recording. I like to feel fully at home when I am in the studio, a fresh drink or snack (preferably dried mangos) haha."

At what age did you know you wanted to make music? - "I can't say exactly, I feel it just keeps getting more  serious as I get older. I remember recording my first song along with my older brother (Xitaz) when I was around the age of 10. He started rapping and getting into this whole music thing at the age of 14, we would record in a small little shack he had begged my pops to let him turn into a studio. At 15 we did this group called "Swaagfellas" which got really known in my city, I thought it was cool but funny because I was just having fun with it. Towards the end of HS I had to stop and get serious with school in order to graduate. Once again at 18 I wanted to make music again, before turning 21 I created BlackRose. Which stands for "The Beautiful Struggle".

hat else are you into in your free time? - "I love helping others if I ever get the chance to. Also playing sports, learning new things like cooking (even tho I can't) haha"

When is your next project dropping? - "My next project will be another single along with a music video in the near future. As of right now I'm not focused on dropping a mixtape, I want to keep making my own lane until it gets noticed before I drop an album or mixtape."

How do people get in contact with you, what are your social media tags? - Instagram: Blvkroseman Twitter: Blvkroseman Gmail: Romanflux



PNR FLIGHT 004 ©2017

Landing Soon!


inspirational video

Exclusive sounds with DINO RICH

Heres an inspirational video that shows Dino Rich in the studio doing what he loves. If you believe in something enough and work hard ,anything is possible. Allow yourself to grow with you craft and surround yourself with people who will motivate you . Stay tuned for new music from Dino Rich on his social networks. Be Exclusive & Fly Different. 


Flight 003 ©2016

An exclusive experience for our latest release

Join us this weekend 6/16 - 6/17  at Mission Skateboards located at 3045 24th St, San Francisco CA. As we Present New Realities with the release of our latest collection "Flight 003". We will be having raffles, reduced prices on selected items, as well as a FREE Gift with any purchase. The homies will be skating outside and videos will be playing on the big screen, along with sounds by Mos.steff. This is a limited release that will only be available this weekend. Come by kick it, see some art and say what up, BYOB. See ya there!

Tickets Available


The goat tee

A MikeyyPNR limited release

Only 20 pieces made. For more information visit the link below.



Celebrating our III year anniversary all month long

We will be having Exclusive Surprises the whole month of March. Every week will come with something new from Exclusive Sales, Releases, Limited Items, and Free Gift Giveaways on both our Instagram + Twitter! We will also be having Exclusive Meet & Greets at certain locations announced as the month rolls out. You don't want to miss out because we like to give out gifts/unattainable items elsewhere when you catch us in person. For more information on this and much more stay tuned to our Blog Page + Social Media Accounts.

Twitter: @PlanesNRockets

Instagram: @planesnrocketsclothing


Dino Rich Drops His New Single "NLTR"

Our very own Dino Rich has released his highly anticipated single "Nothing Like The Rest". After dropping the "California Summer" Mixtape his buzz began to grow, as people began to recognize his versitile switches in flows. He follows up with a banger and gives us a taste of his latest project which is in the works. He teams up with California Producer Carlos Vega aka C-Loz Beats who has produced for artist like Roach Gigz, Iamsu, Andre Nickatina, and many more. Support his movement as he brings back that lyrical '90s Hip Hop in his music. Now available to Stream on Soundcloud, Spotify, Goole Music, and Rhapsody or Purchase it on iTunes!

Babii Cris Presents: unrapped #7

Join us at Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco

If you love Real Hip Hop join us in San Francisco at the Honey Hive Gallery on 4117 Judah St. Doors open at 6:30PM local artists will be showcasing their talent. Our very own DINO RICH will be in the building performing a never before heard track from his upcoming project. Check us out at the merch booth to receive amazing deals plus a FREE Gift and much more! Tickets for sale at . Don't wait this show will sell out!


Flight 002 now available at Mission Skateboards

Fly with us as we visit one of San Francisco"s finest skateboard shops  located in the heart  of the Mission District. 3045 24th St, San Francisco, CA to be exact, is the home of Mission Skateboards. Skate insiders' hangout for the latest boards, trucks, and streetgear. Also carrying the stores own brand as well as other brand name apparel. We highlight some of the dope aspects one doesn't get around to doing while at a store. Thank you again to Scot. Fight 002 is now available in store during store hours.

Store Number:

(415) 647-7888



Exclusiveness is here, Flight 002

This time around we decided to take another route for our Lookbook. To give the feel of an ordinary day that expresses our everyday supporters. We should always wake up to push the envelope on our craft. Join us as we follow three individuals who aspire to be great. What you choose to wear everyday reflects your attitude and lifestyle. Be Exclusive & Fly Different. Flight 002 will be dropping Saturday December 12, 2015 at 10AM PST. First 5 customers will receive an Exclusive Unreleased Item. Fly With Us @

Opening Scene:


Evening Scene:


Night Scene:

Carlos Contreras

nyc vlog pt. 3

Fly with the Planes&Rockets Team as we continue to visit interesting places in New York City. We close out our Vlog Series by taking the "J" train to Brooklyn, NY and ending up in Time Square. Come with us as we highlight those moments. We also fool around a bit, but who doesn't when they are having fun! 


Still Flying Around New York City

The adventures don't stop. Fly with the team as they visit the historical Brooklyn Museum. Showcasing the Brooklyn based artist Kaws as well as the great Jean-Michel Baquiet. We also spend a day biking trough the historical Central Park. The park sits on 843 Acres, so  you can imagine we didn't have the energy to cover it all. Check out the highlights of walking through New York City history!


The Planes&Rockets Team Visits The East Coast

We had the pleasure of visiting the Big Apple with the team. Fly With Us as we showcase highlights of our trip to New York City. In Part 1 we visit The Brooklyn Bridge as well as the BAPE STORE x BBCICECREAM Flagships, which were childhood dreams for us. Anything is possible. 


Flight 01 2015 lookbook

Come On Board Flight 01

We decided to break away from the norm seasonal drops and present to you our "Flights Series". These Flights will be Very Exclusive (Limited Sizing) and each purchase comes with their own Boarding Pass (Read About Them Bellow). We teamed up with San Francisco's Photographer Jyehro A. Poquiz better known as @Jpqz to capture our collection. Visit his website for more of his amazing photography . The collection includes our latest "3D Cloud Logo" in both White + Navy. As well as our highly anticipated "College Logo" in Blue. We incorporated our "Graffiti Logo" with our new "Big P Logo" on both a White + Black color way. Items will be dropping on 7/10/15 12PM Pacific Time at 

Models: @Ariaking x @Eat.415




Boarding Passes: A Chat With Artist MikeyyPNR.

I see you chose to have your releases known as “flights” as opposed to seasonal drops. Explain that.

   When it comes to boarding a plane, you think of a selected capacity of people allowed on the same flight. Like a flight, we connected it to streetwear in the way that only a select amount of people can wear the same garment. One of our mottos is, “Be Exclusive and Fly Different.” We believe that if you missed out on the flight then there is no way for you to reach that height via that specific item. To further compare to a flight, we introduce the involvement of boarding passes as well.

What are the boarding passes?

   The boarding passes come along with the purchase of any of our latest items. We really wanted to go in deeper and break away from the norm seasonal drops. We also wanted to make each drop an experience with both the consumer and us. The pass will consist of two parts: One being explaining what we represent and the second will be the detachable stubs that you’ll keep and collect over the span of a year. The more you collect, the better the gift.

Why Boarding Passes?    

  The reason we came up with boarding passes is because we want you to have a validation to accompany the purchase you have just made. We include a detachable stub because we want you as the flyer to feel rewarded for the amount of passes and stubs you have collected. Eventually you’ll be able to redeem the stubs for exclusive collectable items that will not be obtainable otherwise.

That’s dope. It’ll really give your audience a sense of importance to the brand.

Yes, exactly. That’s what we’re all about. We want to make the consumer feel as close to us as possible because at the end of the day we all want to be different yet connected.

This is a pretty unusual take on exclusivity. What other unique takes can we expect to hear about in the future?

We can’t reveal the future, but just know we will continue to innovate and push the envelope. So come along with us and fly different.


Fly different series # 000

Fly Different Series "Skating San Francisco, CA"

Fly With Us as we skate San Francisco, CA with Jamal x Denzel. We live by our motto "Be Exclusive & Fly Different". Although Flying Different means many things, the definition can change for everyone. These are 2 young men who also believe in our motto but their passion is Skateboarding. Whatever it is may be that you love to do, always do it with a passion. Strive to become better in your field everyday so you challenge yourself. If you'd like more of Jamal x Denzel follow them on Instagram: @Malskeewiththe30_2x + @Asap_siir 


Dino Rich - Making Statements [Official Music Video]

A highly anticipated visual off his California Summer Mixtape. We present our sponsered artist Dino Rich, a young twenty year old lyricist born and raised in The Bay Area. Take a trip as he takes you on a ride through a summer in California (W.W.W). As its presented the video takes you from San Francisco, CA down to Los Angeles, CA representing the ultra slick short film which fits in with the broader theme of the tape which is a California Summer. Watch the video above and let us know what you think.

Follow Dino Rich on Instagram: @dinoheknow

Downolad California Summer Mixtape on DatPiff: "California Summer"


Flask Mob Teams Up With Fellow Conquer_LA & WeOwnTheNight_LA For A Legendary Meet

On the night of January 31, 2015. LAPD was caught off guard with the amount of photographers that flooded the streets of Los Angeles, CA. Due to a misunderstanding, they were led to believe we came to protest and destroy the city with a crowd of "Ravers". They were wrong. A helicopter, several cop cars and the swat team came out to stop us. We even came out on several news channels. They said well over 1,000 people came out that night which led police to issue a large response due to the size of the crowd, they felt it was getting out of control. Later that night, they somehow SHUT DOWN the after party. Fly with us as we showcase highlight moments of that incredible night. Thank You Flask Mob, Conquer_LA, & WeOwnTheNight_LA for what was a legendary meet. Follow these amazing organizations on Social Networks: @FlaskMob @Conquer_LA @WeOwnTheNight_LA on Instagram.

ftc "chaodown premier"

FTC Skate-Shop "Chaodown Video Premier"

A long awaited skate video with almost a year in the works. Sam-Chao & FTC Skate-shop gathered up a gang of talented skaters from the Bay Area to bring to you "CHAODOWN" . A video of amazing skaters landing and attempting mind blowing tricks, as well as a few accidents that led to fights, injuries, and much more. We where given the privilege to enter a store filled friends & talent. Fly with us as we showcase highlight moments of a successful premier. Follow the man behind the camera on Instagram @Zamchao + @Ftchaight + @Ftc_skateboarding 

FTC team riders - 

Desmond Billie
Nico Hiraga
Tafari Whitter
Joel Misner
Jonathan Perez
Josh Fajardo
Matt Dodge
Ryan Gowan
Tory Hereford

All Bay Area Skaters Shop at


RIF SF Grand Opening On Post St

Starting off 2015 with a bang. RIF LA makes an impact to the Bay Area Sneaker culture. As they open the doors to their San Francisco branch "RIF.SF" located on 1630 Post St . The shop also released a couple limited garments with SF color ways. Fly with us as we take you into the latest installment by the family down from Los Angeles.
Follow the homies on Instagram @RIFLOSANGELES x @RifDos x @RIF.SF

visit them online at


Agenda Emerge Long Beach Recap

We had the pleasure of attending Agenda Emerge Long Beach. The day was filled with established brands, as well as brands showcasing their items for seasons to come. The whole building was filled with creatives & entrepreneurs. Agenda Emerge powered by Group Y, was a night filled with inspiration. Some of the biggest innovators and leaders in the street culture spoke about intricacies of their business. Fly with us as we show highlights of that incredible night. The speakers where:
Shepard Fairey - Artist & Founder of Obey
Tinker Hatfield - VP Nike Innovation & Creative Concepts 
Bob Hurley - Founder of Hurley
Lyndon Cormack - Co-Founder of Herschel Supply Co
C.R Stecyk III - Photographer & Artist
Mike Ness - Lead Singer of Social Distortion
Ryan Hurley - Creative Director of Hurley


Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook


Fall/Winter Collection 2014

With our Fall/Winter 14' collection we decided to try out new things. From printing methods to garments, we chose to go a different route. A unique touch to each item from our "Pilot Boyz Logo Tee" which is direct to garment, to our very first "Exclusive Nylon Rain Jacket". We teamed up with San Francisco's Photographer AC Colvin better known as @_Blvck_Bvndit to capture our collection. Items are dropping on 12/5/14 12PM Pacific Time at 

Model: @Asap_Siir

Flask Mob 1 Year Celebration

Flask Mob Turns 1 Year Old

Its been an amazing year for fellow @FlaskMob . We had the pleasure of celebrating in the streets of San Francisco with a large group of creatives that.fuck.shit.up. Follow us as we showcase highlight moments of that incredible night. Happy Birthday Flask Mob!!


Flask Mob LA

Flask Mob SF II

Shut Down Chinatown

We had the pleasure of running with the Flask Mob once again. This time we Shut Down Chinatown!! Take a walk with us as we showcase highlight moments of that incredible night in San Francisco, Ca. Follow the founder of it all @Evanthompsonphoto on Instagram, as well as their page @FlaskMob Till next time, Fly Different.

Summer Items 

photo copy 3.JPG
photo copy.JPG
photo copy 2.JPG

Summer Items 2014

New summer items dropping on July 11th. Drops include our successful Rocket L/S but in Red. Also our Exclusive Snapbacks have landed, both White on Red & Black. Both very limited sizing. 

2014 World Cup Capsule

The Exclusive World Cup 2014 Capsule 

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is just around the corner. The games begin on June 12. We crafted some *LTD* pieces for all of our soccer fans/supporters. We made shirts for the following teams Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. Dropping May 30th Online. Fly Different.

Photographer: @xoxostffff on Instagram

Model: Carlos Contreras 

Battle of The Bay Baseball Capsule


The Battle of The Bay Capsule

Is based around the classic rivalry between the San Francisco Giants & Oakland Athletics from The Bay Area, Ca. A must for all the baseball fanatics and fans, an exclusive color way release. 

1 Year Anniversary 

photo copy 30.JPG
photo copy 22.JPG

Planes&Rockets Exclusive Beanies

Made to fit most. These beanies are sure to keep you warm on a cloudy day. 

Fall/Winter LookBook


First Released Tee


Our First Released Tee

This was our first released tee ever. We only made a few to spread our word and see how people received us. Since than we've been Flying Different.

It Was All A Dream


Sketched Art

It was all a dream. This was the first sketch of Planes&Rockets back when our founder was attending classes in college. You can tell its ancient, but from than have come a long way and continue to grow.

Pilot Your Own Plane To Any Destination Imaginable.

Be the best you can be. Don't allow others to steer you towards the wrong direction be your own pilot. Anything is possible in life, with a clear imagination & dedication your dreams can be on the horizon.  

Here you will find out what we have in the orbit, as well as what will be landing soon. Links to music, visual content, events, and much more.

Peace + Happiness.