Produced by Diablo Beats

Mix/Mastered by HighLifeFlo

a film with "life of sin"

Life of Sin is a record I wrote when I was thinking about all of the sins we commit to be "happy", which often leads us to live lives in sin. Once in this lifestyle , I realized we never seem to get enough. We are killed pursuing a high or selling a high, by an addict or by our own addiction.

This video is not a music video. Instead its a visual film that was made as an art piece to go with the record. Nothing you see was acting, all raw, real life situations we recorded while driving around. Some pieces are the blunt truth, others are reality we usually overshadow, or things we take for granted. 

If you like this track, check out the full album "Nothing Like The Rest" which is now available on all streaming platforms. 

With Love,