Hello, I'm Mikeyypnr.



These are a few logos, and flyers I have created for clients. My love for graphic design began my freshman year of College.

I began to take classes in subjects that interested me, to further my passion for creating. 

I have also done works for companies like Volvo, and Tesla. Those projects where to further their procedures and layouts

in their  stores. Recently I teamed up with start up company Path Water, who have an amazing product. 

I have also done flyers and logos for events, but I can't seem to find them in my archive in good quality. 

For any logo or flyer work feel free to email me at the following email:


Thank You All.



I have been a little sensitive to showcase my art on the internet, but many of my friends

and supporters have encouraged me to do so for some time now. I have placed a couple pieces up for sale

on my new online shop. Here I will be posting products I have created like paintings, apparel, and prints. 

Everything I do will be limited, and at times 1 of 1. So if something is sold out chances are I won't re do it. 

As a kid, my favorite part of the day in the class room was arts & craft time. My teachers would

always place my work on the walls, and showcase it to other students years after I left. 

I recently began to take it serious and paint with different acrylics on canvases, I'm trying to improve my skills everyday.

I have done pieces for family & friends, but now its time to allow everyone access to my art. 

I also do commissioned paintings so feel free to send me an email. 



Growing up in the '90s and early '00s

I had the chance to soak up game from both

role models in my family members to role models on television.

I crafted this piece to pay homage to the greatest that played the game of basketball, in my eyes.

Watching the '03 All Star Game had me wanting to dunk on dudes the next day at school.

Michael Jordan

Being born in '93. My mother felt it was only right to give me the middle name

of a man that every kid in the '90s wanted to be like.

I mean Space Jam is hands down in the top 10 of my favorite movies.

The passion this man had for the game inspired millions of kids to do so in their own craft.

Also who didn't wait long lines for a pair of shoes by MJ, I mean this new generation will never know.

(rip hybeast/resellers)

Allan Iverson

The illest to play on the court. He always allowed his talent to do the talking.

Being drafted in the same class as many other greats,

He made his mark with his mean crossovers and fakes on your favorite player.

They probably still ain't the same after that.

Kobe Byant

This sadly being his final season, I felt like it was only right to express my gratitude.

As a '90s baby by the time I had a sharp understanding of the game of basketball,

Kobe was the player I spent the most time watching.

The way he came into the game right out of High School, 

made me feel connected to him on an inspirational level.

From the fro in the number 8 to the record breaking number 24.

 (he left us with 60 points in his last game btw)

Thank You Guys For Amazing Memories



"In The Clouds"

This project began with a sketch on a piece of paper. I drew it, than left it alone for a couple of months.

I came back to it because I originally envisioned it being  painted on a canvas. Once I found just the right blues I needed, I got to work.

A total of 10 hours in a matter of 4 days is what it took me to finish up this 20' x 24' canvas. 

Once I finished the canvas, my imagination wouldn't sit still.

A couple of friends, and supporters suggested I paint some type of shoe with this pattern.  

I have always been a strong supporter of the Vans brand, At one point in my life I think I had nearly every color possible.

(back when we had to match the tee,  with the shoes, with the hat lol.)

My go to shoe was always the Old Skool, something about the silhouette keeps me a fan.

So when I decided on the shoe, I bought a crispy new pair and began to paint it.

The final result of what started as a sketch became something that came to life in a physical form.

A few people got lucky to snag a pair in their size, as I only made a total of 5.

Thank You Guys For Believing In Me